The law offices of Ilene H. Cohen can provide busy law firms with a New Jersey or New York temporary attorney who is proficient in handling motions, hearings, depositions, EBTs and other court appearances in state and federal courts. If you need a temporary attorney in New York, call on We at your service with less than a day's notice. Our skilled temporary contract lawyers are also admitted in the following federal courts: New York (Eastern & Southern Districts), New Jersey District, US Court of Appeals - 2nd Circuit, US Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit, US Court of Federal Claims, US Court of Military Appeals and Supreme Court of the United States.

Hiring a temp attorney firm is the answer to help you manage your busy schedule. You don't have to concern yourself with how you are going to be in two places at once when you have a conflicting schedule, because we can always cover for you.

We can easily handle less important appearances, freeing up your time for more pressing issues. If you are interested in retaining a New Jersey / New York temporary contract attorney, then email: or fax 516-621-0259 with your detailed request and we will promptly respond. You can always count on your temporary lawyer to quickly provide you with a thorough report of the day's proceedings.

We provide coverage in 62 New York State counties


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